Serveraid 6i updating battery fw

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Serveraid 6i updating battery fw - Free camsex no sign in

Originally Posted by cdoublejj would that be the second type listed here?I wanted raid 6 which it doesn't do so i'm looking at a raid 5.

We have a Zeal Box server 2012R2 with Supermicro mainboard and an attached LSI Mega Raid SAS 9271-4i controller running a RAID 1.

i was playing with a raid calculator, i think raid 6 and 5 end up with more space than 10/1 0 and still have redundancy, obviously 6 has more redundancy than 5.

I'm not sure i'm gonna move my OS to it but, i'll store my servers and VMs there and maybe 1 day a file server.

A fast and reliable storage controller is one of the most important parts of a Proxmox VE server.

This article lists some hardware raid controllers that are known to work well and some information configuring them.

Paramount feature for real raid controller if you want high performance is an on board cache and "write back" mode enabled.

This way the OS doesn't have to wait until data is physically written to disk, since they are immediately written to the cache and the controller will take care of finishing the subsequent write to the disk(s).

You can use the lspci command in the Proxmox command line. For a RAID controller to be supported, it must be a "real" hardware controller rather than an embedded or "fake" RAID.

Embedded controllers are not supported in Proxmox, and if they do work, you are doing so at your own risk.

The following list is compiled by the un RAID user community.

While it is mostly accurate, it is not definitively so, as it cannot be guaranteed that users have the time, expertise or diligence to test and report back all aspects.

They very likely have not tested all features of the board, so it is possible that a board listed here as compatible, will not prove compatible with your hardware.

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