Second date internet dating

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And if she'd judged him on the first date alone, I wouldn't be here. Is it simply the "me" generation rearing it's ugly head, or do you think people honestly think if they don't know "it" in the first 10 minutes they will never have "it"?

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You’re stressing where to take her, what to say, who’s going to pay for what and – most of all – do you go for the kiss at the end of the night?

So when choosing your second date location, avoid the dinner / movie crutch. 2nd Date Rules: Meet Up for Drinks or Coffee Before If you’re going on a second date with a woman, there’s a good chance you two aren’t totally awkward around each other.

And since you’re also still trying to get to know one another, why not include a little bit of time expressly for that purpose?

If you can't say anything without revealing these weaknesses, then kick the issue downstream and say nothing at all beyond "I haven't really given that enough thought, I must think that through and get back to you on that" (or something similar). You must resist the urge to open up to her about your weaknesses on the second date. On the second date they will very likely open up to you about certain things. When you reveal a small weakness they will be very understanding, very sympathetic, very agreeable.

This sort of thing comes much, much later in a relationship, when it helps increase intimacy.

My only real exception to this rule is for online dating; a low-investment date like coffee is more about a gut check than an actual You’re checking how you feel about one another when you meet in the flesh…

not to mention doing basic due diligence, trying to make sure that one or the other isn’t a psycho axe-murdering cannibal.

Because she's accepted a date, it means you are physically attractive enough to her for her to go out with her. At the end just say that you enjoyed talking with her and say goodbye. The next day just call to say how much you enjoyed meeting her and that you'd like to do it again sometime. Now she already knows that she gets along OK with you, she wants to dig deeper. It's done with sympathy, agreeability, concerned looks, nodding the head, understanding. They may feel a genuine bond with you during the date. She opened up to you, she gained your trust, you opened up, now the door has slammed shut. Then be aware of how by agreeability she may get you to reveal those weaknesses.

Now she wants to find out other things about you and find what potential you have for her. If she's positive then tell her you'll call again in a few days to set things up. Her hidden agenda here (hidden even from herself in many cases) is to scope you out for possible liabilities. 1) whether you have the wherewithal to be a good match for her 2) whether you're dependable or not. Women are experts at this type of covert interrogation. BUT, after the date, they will think about what you've revealed, and they will reject you. Then find a way to deal with the conversation if it takes that turn.

I may have been raised differently, but I'm curious - if the first date didn't go horrible, and he/she didn't hit that "ewww" factor for you, do you go on a second date?

Or do you say "nope, not love at first sight," and move on?

Then, of course, if everything goes well, is there going to be a date or are you going to be waiting by the phone that never rings, desperately trying to summon up your latent telepathy and trying to implant the idea of calling you back through thought projection?

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