Wedgwood dating willow

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Before there were registered trade marks, many people lost money on what they thought was authentic pottery.

It became popular at the end of the 18th century in England when, in its standard form, it was developed by English ceramic artists combining and adapting motifs inspired by fashionable hand-painted blue-and-white wares imported from China.Two birds flying high, A Chinese vessel, sailing by.A bridge with three men, sometimes four, A willow tree, hanging o’er.A Chinese temple, there it stands, Built upon the river sands.An apple tree, with apples on, A crooked fence to end my song.transferred from engraved copper plates at the time of decoration.

Most 19th-century marks are printed and were often in blue under the glaze when the main design is also in underglaze blue.Its creation occurred at a time when mass-production of decorative tableware, at Stoke-on-Trent and elsewhere, was already making use of engraved and printed glaze transfers, rather than hand-painting, for the application of ornament to standardized vessels (transferware).Many different Chinese-inspired landscape patterns were at first produced in this way, both on bone china or porcellanous wares, and on white earthenware or pearlware.Staffordshire pottery had come of age and its products no longer needed to rely on copies of chinese styles which Willow undoubtedly was; and with the spread of the railways throughout the United Kingdom this new romantic pattern proved to be far more popular.With the Industrial age now dawned ordinary people gained access to what had been the preserve of the wealthy and what they wanted was a pattern that was clean light and above all affordable.This instantly recognisable pattern is a classic Chinese landscape design, the fundamentals of which include a weeping willow, pagodas, a crooked fence, a tree bearing fruit, three or four figures on a bridge, a boat and a pair of lovebirds forever kissing.

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