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Programs like m IRC will not work with unknown / commands (which is why you use a period.) in the dialogue box.

We historically have attracted a strong online gaming crowd which was core to the inception of Quake Net many years ago but as one of the largest IRC networks we also have communities covering most topics imaginable.

Generally, the user (such as you) runs a program (called a “client”) to connect to a server on one of the IRC nets.

The server relays information to and from other servers on the same net.

The chat rooms most relevant to English Wikipedia are listed hereafter; a more complete list of channels (for other language Wikipedias, other languages, and recent changes feeds) exists at m: IRC/Channels.

"Chat room" is a name for an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel.

IRC software can be found for all operating systems. IRC, unlike other chat systems, doesn't keep when you're offline.

The IRC clients comparison chart on Wikipedia can help you pick one for your operating system. You can use the web client for Freenode, which doesn't require any download or setup. In order to be notified of relevant communications you can either look at the channel logs or setup an IRC proxy. See the following guides to configure them: The Open Stack project holds its various public meetings on IRC. If you want to start a new IRC channel, please consult with the Infrastructure Team in #openstack-infra or at [email protected] ensure it gets registered appropriately.

Bots post updates to the channel based on activity in the CPython source tree and bug tracker.

#python-infra is for Python infrastructure discussion.

You will need to first register your nickname with Free Node, using the nickname setup instructions. Portuguese speakers can use the #python-pt channel.

Spanish speakers can use the #pyar channel, from the Python Argentina user group. Finnish speakers can join the #channel on a different network, *IRCnet*. #python-dev is for CPython developers, where they can coordinate their work or discuss problems.

Despite the relatively recent dominance of the large social networks IRC maintains its position as a highly relevant and popular platform for free communication, free idea sharing and free expression.