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Over the course of several years, it tried and failed at all possible levels of appeal.Ontario’s information commissioner ruled that the information should be released.

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The list, which CTV News has not been able to confirm the authenticity of, also contains email accounts from organizations like the Canada Revenue Agency, the RCMP, and various Canadian universities.Our clinics provide testing, treatment, education and referrals for sexually transmitted infection, including HIV testing. Take a look through the millions of records allegedly belonging to dating website Ashley Madison leaked this week, and you’ll find more than 4,000 accounts claiming to be from addresses in Kitchener. Some display phone numbers or postal codes that don’t match the area, while others appear to be potentially computer-generated.Drop-in clinics operate on a first come first served basis.Public Health reserves the right to limit the number of clients during these clinics.Ultimately, these ladies are eager to hook up with local men!

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You can also receive confidential STI testing at your family doctor's office.

s do not cause symptoms and you could pass them on if you don't know you are infected.

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Update, May 14: The map now shows data for both April 2014 and May 2008.