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“We played husband and wife [on ‘The King of Queens’], so that opened it up.” In last week’s episode, ex-cop Kevin Gable (James) came out of retirement to reteam with his former partner, Vanessa Cellucci (Remini), in an undercover operation, as husband and wife.“Kevin was an undercover cop with Vanessa before and she was the wife, so it felt right,” James says. It would’ve been fine if she was a deli worker or something like that, but this felt right, and was something we could do for our fans.” In Monday night’s episode (8 p.m./CBS), Vanessa strong-arms Kevin into attending a fraudulent dealer’s art show in Boston — with farcical repercussions.

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“I felt like it was 10 years earlier; it felt so similar to those days [on ‘The King of Queens’].

” which is a female-led adaptation of the Bill Murray-Richard Dreyfuss comedy “What About Bob?

” She has also been in the news frequently the past few years for her very public departure from the Church of Scientology.

When Cellucci tried to arrange a meeting between her and the art dubious dealer, James couldn’t stop talking about the diner food, interrupting all the potential meetings.

When Cellucci said she was trying to get information while he kept yapping about his burger, James said, “I’m trying to make things look natural.

James mock-scowled while Remini showed off a big grin — clearly the comedic chemistry is still there between the two actors, who spent nine years as TV spouses. Her next TV project is a riff on the movie What About Bob?

"It's such a joy to be working with my favorite TV hubby ever! , which starred Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, and a second season of her docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E.

It’s called police work.” duo basically played Doug and Carrie as cops, any fan of the hit show got to enjoy the nostalgic dynamic of Remini trying to keep James in line.

Leah Remini will partner up once again with her former TV husband, Kevin James, in a guest role on the Season 1 finale of James’ new CBS sitcom “Kevin Can Wait,” the network announced Friday.

Kevin James wraps a successful first season of “Kevin Can Wait” in very familiar sitcom waters.

Monday night’s season finale, the second of a two-part episode, is dubbed “Sting of Queens” — pairing James with Leah Remini, his co-star on “The King of Queens” for all nine seasons of the CBS sitcom (1998-2007).

https://t.co/Hf YKz Vu Sn T— erinn hayes (@hayeslady) June 3, 2017 "It's simply a matter of the show going in a different creative direction," a rep for CBS told Fox News via email.