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For some women in the Czech Republic, Easter is a time to dread.Because today, all over the country, men will be beating women in public, without fear of arrest or prosecution.

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The country has a world class education system, one of the best, and English is widely taught in secondary schools and universities.Fellow TEFL teachers will be well-acquainted with the kind of thing I mean: ‘If I won the lottery…’, ‘If cars ran on milk…’ ‘If everyone had eyes in the backs of their heads…’. All of them are in their late twenties to early thirties. ” “It’s when you really, really don’t like something.One of the sentences my students had to complete was the seemingly innocuous, ‘If everyone had to learn Chinese instead of English..’ “I’m afraid of the Chinese,’ announced Jitka. When you are against it.” “Can I say, ‘I object to the rain? For example, ‘I object to racism.” Lenka looks at me, genuinely puzzled. ” *** I didn’t want to write about this topic as I really don’t want my Czech readers to think that I’m coming over here claiming that everyone in Britain lives in multiracial harmony and that no-one would ever utter a non-politicially correct word. In case you doubt me, I refer you to my entry where I talk about my own father’s racist comments.They range in age from early thirties to mid-fifties. “In fact, what you just said is even worse.” It is perhaps worth mentioning at this point that Ludmilla greatly admires Brigitte Bardot for the work she did later in life to promote animal rights.I gave them halves of sentences which they were supposed to come up with their own creative endings too. *** I taught a new group somewhere in the bowels of a huge glass corporate headquarters somewhere on the edge of Prague. One of the icebreakers involves the students finding out something the others in the group really object to.I'm not sure, but that group of Czech models probably have about a dozen Sports Illustrated and Playboy covers among them, maybe more.

When you stop and consider that the population of the Czech Republic is only about ten million those are pretty amazing statistics. The problem is, people keep coming out with things that as a self-confessed Guardian-reading lefty liberal, I find, well, shocking. It makes me afraid.” *** I had a one-to-one student at a multinational company. Every time the class ends I feel faintly depressed and resolve not to police my boundaries better in future, which I of course then fail to do. I would have much preferred to break my rather long silence with a whimisical piece about trams or clocks or a funny picture of a man eating an unfeasibly large sausage. Like many students, Ludmilla liked to use her English class as a kind of pseudo-therapy session so I know all about her difficult elderly mother-in-law who is too infirm to live by herself but refuses to go into a home, her concerns about restructuring in the department which means she will probably be made redundant and her sadness that the revolution happened too late for her to really do something with her life.Seven states are in the queue to join the EU under a new wave of enlargement, that will not take place before 2019: Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Turkey and Macedonia.It's a never-ending scenario, full of hopeful evenings and late mornings.The women reward the men for this with a painted Easter egg.

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