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The whole show surrounded Lisa’s attempt to put on a fashion show for FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), or as I like to call it, De Vry.

A familiar flashback sequence then took viewers to the halls of Bayside High. As reported, Jimmy Fallon is actually a student at Bayside High in the short and he’s soon greeted by his friend, Zack Morris.

But in The College Years they must have broken up over the summer or something because they were not together in the beginning of the college years.

But they start dating later in the show, and Zack proposes & they get married in Wedding in Los Vegas, which is the end of the series.

Zack really like variety with his women: white, black, handicapped, fat, skinny, tall, gay, mothers, nerds…you name it.

She gets noticed by a modeling agency/pedophile factory after she poses in a calendar of high school girls in bikinis.

Lark Voohries must have had some questionable pictures of the writing staff because the episode where her and Zack are an item was her Super Bowl.

Jessie was a tall drink of water, and gets extra credit only because we know what she looks like naked (BOOBIES!Here, 12 musical moments from “Saved By the Bell” that now—0ver 20 years later—can only be described as incredible.“The Sprain” We were surprised to discover “Saved by the Bell” actually kicked off with this classic episode—the first after its prequel “Good Morning, Miss Bliss”—in which Casey Kasem agrees to host a dance contest at burger joint The Max.Lisa Turtle has a cool guy lined up to be her partner, but when she sprains her ankle he backs out.Thanks to "The Tonight Show," fans of the popular '90s show "Saved By the Bell" got a special treat Wednesday night. It seems Fallon's time at Bayside was short-lived, however.Fans of the show will recognize the dance as the exact same one he did in an episode so many years ago. Belding (Dennis Haskins) and a pregnant Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen) show up, and it ends with the Zack Attack singing “Friends Forever.” No, there was no Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) or Screen Powers (Dustin Diamond).

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