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They have broken hearts, painful histories and their share of insecurities, too. As viewers, we can anticipate the consequences of the poor choices made on-screen, an awareness we need to apply to our own lives. Because even though cultivating a lasting relationship can be exhausting at times, ending the relationship for the wrong reasons can leave you lonely and counting regrets. Beyond damaging a relationship, cheating is ultimately self-destructive. Even when the truth hurts, honesty is the best policy.

Mad Men is eye candy for those who love ‘60s style. Write the object of your affection a quick handwritten note. In the dating world, be intentional about getting to know your date’s strengths, talents and upon us, and this show is a hotbed of love, lust, and all-out drama. Want your life to have a bit of an Agatha Christie feel? Betty Francis (formerly Betty Draper)About Me: I used to be a model.While Don Draper and the rest of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are great at selling TV time and print ads, would they be as good at selling themselves (and all their dirty laundry) online? Now I'm a trophy: Pretty, cool to the touch, not easily won.As with any TV show or movie, we itch to know what possesses someone to do the things he does, and we expect that writers as glorious as the ones behind "Mad Men" will eventually lead us to deep understanding of who Don Draper is and how he will evolve into a better man.In real life, such life-changing revelations don't always come. There were superficial similarities, like that they both worked in similar industries (just decades apart) and had a knack for always being "on." Guys like Don Draper are great at their jobs for a multitude of reasons, but one of them is that they present themselves as calm, collected, and unmoved by the opinions and emotions of others.To celebrate the season's finale this weekend, check out these imaginary online dating profiles for everyone from Draper to Joan Holloway to that creep Harry Crane. Who I'm Looking For: I need a man who loves me for me, not just my Grace Kelly-like appearance.

Don Draper (sometimes known as Dick Whitman)About Me: We'll get along just fine if you don't ask me about my past and if you don't expect me to keep it in my pants. I also need a man who can tolerate an ice queen as well as children. But you better treat me as an equal, or you'll be in big trouble.

I don't make the amount of money I think I deserve, but considering I said pretty gross stuff about my boss' wife right in front of her, I may reconsider my stance on that. Who I'm Looking For: Someone to inflate my ego—and other things—without telling my wife. About Me: I'm twice divorced and a reformed womanizer. Kenneth Cosgrove About Me: I love to write—Sci-Fi is my thing. I'm also really stubborn, so technically, I'm still married to my ex.

Joan Holloway (Joan Harris)About Me: I'm feisty, fiery and a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. I always try to do the right thing, even if I sometimes need to drop acid to figure out what that is. Who I'm Looking For: Someone who doesn't mind my parents helping out with the bills, and someone with the decency to not cheat on me in an obvious manner. Pete Campbell About Me: My home life wasn't the greatest, so my model for the ideal relationship is a little wonky.

He walks into a meeting or a party and exudes the kind of power that travels across the room and right into your pants.

He speaks with authority, gives you just enough attention to make you feel wanted and then turns away, holding your gaze and bewilderment hostage as he carelessly floats through another flirtation. Draper always looks dapper in his tailored suit and skinny tie—he’s a fictional character working at an Ad agency in modern mid-century Manhattan (Season 6 premiering on April 7! The asshole of your affection may be in jeans and a white t-shirt, his product-less hair wafting back as he slugs a beer, but there is an undeniable confidence to him.

You may be the type of woman who likes to observe this asshole from a far, possibly think about him later in a quiet moment, but you’d never date him or even so much as give him a moment of your time. You don’t want to rock the boat and scare this tiger.