Blogroll not updating wordpress

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The Plugin is easy to install, the Widget is simple to use and highly customizable.

You can use the filter option to show only one category at a time, or to show all your links.

For example, if you create links to,, and, you might assign them to an “Automobiles” category.

To manage your links, click on All Links in the Links menu: The following screen will load, with a list of all your links: To delete a link, hover over the link name and click the Delete option that appears below it.

This is based on Blogroll Widget with RSS Feed Plugin from Crazy Girl. With this you have a further possibility to configure the Widget output.

You can configure this Widget in the Word Press Appearance Widgets Sub Panel as follows and the shortcode directly from the Menu “Blogroll”: Before using the Extended Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds make sure, that you have entered the right RSS Addresses to your links in the Links Subpanel. When you do not enter a RSS Address to a link, it will not be displayed in the Widget.

An empty place for the feed post of a blogroll link reports a wrong entered RSS Address.

I rather decided to leave the output empty in this cases than showing up an error message.

By default it is all organized alphabetically, but in this article we will show you how you can control how your blogroll is displayed.

Update: Please note that Link Manager was sort of removed in Word Press 3.5.

I have migrated all post with images to wordpress but i need to migrate blog list gadget into my wordpress website.

I checked link manager or clink plugins but its not working like blogger's blog list.

There is a parameter called “Orderby” which gives the following options: In the above code you are telling Word Press to pull links from category 2, arrange them in list format, and to display them in the order which comes first. There are multiple other ways you can organize your blogroll links in Word Press.